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Contact Relationship Management for WordPress. Simple. Powerful.

Build Relationships.

If you're running a business, championing a cause or writing a blog you need to know as much as you can about the people you want to reach. With PauPress you can easily build a database with advanced profiles, track detailed activity and then analyze trends to help you decide when and where you want to engage.

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Find Your Flow.

For a decade we've watched for-profits, non-profits and creative individuals hack their way through highly structured CRM systems, e-mail address books and piles of spreadsheets to find a workflow that works the way they do. No more. We supply an array of tools and a little bit of know-how. You decide how to use them.

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Be Awesome.

Sell anything. Accept donations. Send one email or send 10,000. PauPress comes with a full-featured e-commerce engine, end-to-end synchronization with MailChimp and simplified options & components that work with any theme and requires zero programming from you. Focus on your audience, not your technology.

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The 3-minute tour. Fasten your seatbelt.

Many features. Seamless integration.

Managing a dozen+ plugins? PauPress was built to provide an integrated experience without sacrificing flexibility.

Field Editor

Easily create profile fields and set individual permissions. Restrict access to administrators or allow users to view & edit. Create signup applications, sync fields with external APIs or create public profiles with advanced permissions... and that's just the beginning.

User Profiles & History

Choose one column or two. Organize fields into sections or let them float free. Create and edit notes, financial transactions and any other activity - even blog posts they've authored - all in one place.

Advanced Search

Build complex queries across user profiles and user actions then sort and re-organize columns like a spreadsheet. Want to see everyone who signed up for your newsletter but has never made a donation or a purchase? No sweat!

Imports, Exports & Edits

Already have some data? Import it! Need to take your data elsewhere? Export it! Need to make a big change? Bulk edit! Move data around like a pro for both user profile information and user activity alike. Yeah, it's pretty magical.

Saved Queries

Run a search, save it and run it again with a click. Pretty simple. But don't stop there. You can take the results of that search and apply it elsewhere to do things like restrict access to content or send a targeted email campaign.


Easily restrict access to content on your site using whatever criteria you choose and change it whenever you like. Accept content submissions from the front end of your site with the same flexibility and choice. Welcome to painless membership management.

Sign in & Registration

Let users sign-up, sign-in and manage their profiles without ever seeing the WordPress administration area. PauPress comes with a unique, ajax-powered panel system that works with any theme, right out the box.

Contact Forms

Design as many contact forms as you like with drag-and-drop ease. Each submission creates a record in your database and if the sender doesn't already exist, a new profile is created. Watch it all roll in from your WordPress dashboard.


We do things a bit differently. Use our e-commerce tools on any post type. Sell an attachment or ask for donations on a blog post - whatever you can imagine. Process purchases, donations & invoices together in the same cart and track the results through the search engine.

E-Mail Marketing

Run a query, send an email. Simple as that. Customize the content with the WordPress editor, personalize it with real user data. Enable a free MailChimp account and sync your profiles to use either system for world class deliverability and tracking.

Maps, Events & More

Geolocation with Google® comes standard. Manage events or a customer support desk with ease. We put a lot of time in to making powerful options as easy as publishing a blog post. And with a growing library of add-ons to choose from, we're just getting started!

All-Weather Support

If something isn't working, we'll fix it. That goes without saying. But let's say things are going really well and you simply have an idea about something new you want to do but are unsure how to do it. Post a new support request and we'll help you figure it out.

Who's it for? What can you do?

Everyone should organize their contacts when it's this easy.

Anything that involves people gets better when you know stuff about them.

PauPress makes it happen for whatever you're trying to do. Check out a few examples.

Here's the problem: You have a mission. It probably involves a lot of people; volunteers, donors, major donors, ad hoc staff and, not least, constituents -- people who have a stake in whether or not you're successful. You probably don't have a lot of money and all of the database vendors are a minimum of $1,000 per year.

Welcome to your solution. Gather all your spreadsheets, import all your user data and use a taxonomy to segment your database so that a major donor can also be a volunteer. Create any number of pages for your different initiatives and attach a donation code to it, automatically creating a button that will let people contribute a set amount or any amount they like and track it all. Run a query on all of those minor donors who have donated more than once and send them an email invitation to a special event and you know what? go ahead and ask them to make a major donation to do it. At the end of the year, send an email to all your donors with a tax summary and a big thank you for making the world a better place.

And smile.

Could we be any more general? "For-Profits" covers a lot of territory and there are entire industries dedicated to making applications for client-service shops, product sales & support and vendor management. We think that's a bit crazy. Business today likely means you're doing a bit of everything, which means you might end up with half-a-dozen applications that create more confusion than they resolve.

That might be ok for a large corporation. But what about a team of two? or ten? Do you really want to spend your time managing a database for your clients, a database for your customers, a database for your vendors, and a website where potential clients and customers need to be re-routed before you can act on any intelligence you can gather?

Of course not. Sell your products, invoice your services and get back to your vendors with enough time to spare to write a quick email to everyone who helped your business grow in the last year and tell them how awesome they are. Include a coupon code for 20% off while you're at it. Go you.

If we're wrong about this we're sorry. However, we're going to assume that the last thing you want to do with your time is manage your business. You've just spent hours and hours immersed in putting your portfolio together do you really want to go now and "market" yourself? The creative process has to have some boundaries, right?

Here's a secret: you can make some drastic cuts in the amount of time you spend "managing" your business just by getting all of the people important to your business out of your address book, email application, spreadsheets and paper lists and into a database where you can organize them and communicate in bulk rather than one by one. Seriously, you should try it!

We think we can help. You already have a website, use it wisely. Forget about building an online store -- use your existing portfolio and put prices on it. Get a list together and import them already. And the next time you need to announce your latest work, put it up on your website, push a button and send a copy by email to everyone you've tagged as "awesome." Did we mention that we also have a theme for that?

The problem is the acronym. C-R-M. You have an audience but audience doesn't begin with "C". What you need is "Audience Relationship Management" but, where do you find that? Ooohh! We know! Right here!

Ok. Let's dial that back a bit. You've already got an email list. Feedburner's doing it's thing. You're on twitter, facebook, linkedIn... What can we possibly offer that's going to make you shell out $100 to take on the task of managing a database? Hmmm....

The answer is "taxonomy." Yep. Those "categories" and "tags" you're using to organize what you write? You can now apply them to people. So, you can categorize people in your database according to their interests in a matter of clicks. So, next time you send an email with your latest blog post, personalize it a bit and send it only to those people who are interested in that category. Make a nice subject line and check your open rates. Let us know what you find out!

People like you. They've heard what you have to say and they might be ready to pay a fee to have access to whatever you're going to do next. How do you know?

Ask them. You already have a site. Make a quick contact form, ask a few questions watch the respondents appear in your database. There you go. Members.

What's next? Save that list as a query. Check a box to restrict a special content type to that that list. Make a page, put a price on it. Send your new members an email to let them know that the new member area you created for them is available for paid access. Pat yourself on the back.