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PauPress Version 1.4.3

Big Update here. For this release cycle we focused mainly on:

 Remember! This update is for BOTH the Basic and Pro plugins so, don’t forget to ensure you update the Pro version as well.


We had a lot of requests to customize the directories and in this release you can now:


User Registration

To date, it’s worked pretty well but many of you wanted to specify redirects and, at times, do more than simply allow new users to login. We’ve been planning a UI for controlling actions for awhile and this is a first step.


Content Management

We did a significant re-organization on the options and capabilities around content management.


User Management

One of the more quiet but powerful updates in this version is that administrators now have the ability to fully manage users on the front-end through the panel system. You can edit profiles, write notes and submit content on a user’s behalf. This involved an extensive rewrite of our permissions systems but it really opens the door for a number of other changes coming down the pipe in the next few releases.


General Maintenance

This release saw a lot of optimization to the plugin organization and quite a few new actions and filters for developers. We also added some particular enhancements and fixed a number of bugs reported by the community:


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